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Value of Independence

The most powerful tool an advisor can have is the flexibility of independence.  As independent advisors, e2 Retirement Consulting, LLC focuses on identifying the best solution available on the market for the client, not just the best fit from a limited menu of products.  Without being tied to specific products, platforms or investments, we are able to evalute funds and providers objectively, minimizing any conflict of interest.  When it comes to financial services, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.  Each client situation is unique and requires independent, objective care.

Independence not only affects the range of solutions that e2 Retirement Consulting, LLC can offer, but also the ways we can engage our clients. Our flexibility allows us to tailor the scope of our relationships.  Ongoing fiduciary services, commission-based sales, and indepedent project work are among the variety of relationships we engage in to meet client needs.

The bottom line is that  we value our independence as the key to meeting our clients' needs.